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Working for the recovery of our Wild & Scenic Eel River, its fisheries and communities

KMUD Environment Show: Dam Removal, Groundwater, and the Great Redwood Trail

Tune into this recording from the KMUD Environment Show hosted by Tom Wheeler to hear our Executive Director Alicia Hamann discuss our most pressing initiatives at Friends of the Eel River: dam...
Disconnected surface flows showing brown, bare patches of land in between water. August 2014 | David Sopjes

Update on Public Trust Groundwater Lawsuit

In the fall of 2022 Friends of the Eel River filed suit against Humboldt County for failing to protect the public trust values of the Lower Eel River by managing groundwater use during critically...
Friends of the Eel River staff member standing in a river bed leaning down to pet his dog

Meet Our New Staff

We are excited to introduce our supporters to our new Administrative Manager Kanan Beissert! Kanan is a recent graduate of the Environmental Sciences program at Cal Poly Humboldt and is an excellent...

Volunteers Needed for “Love Your River” Cleanup on February 17

Eel River Cleanup Project and Friends of the Eel River are collaborating on a "Love Your River" cleanup event on Saturday February 17 from 11am - 2pm. Heading north on Redwood Drive from...
Declining Access to Public Spaces

Declining Access to Public Spaces

 On this week’s episode of the EcoNews Report, host Alicia Hamann from Friends of the Eel River is joined by long-time Eureka resident and fisherman Steve Rosenberg and Humboldt Trails...
Misty Eel River

The Eel River

The Eel River, one of California’s major waterways, is known for its scenic beauty, biodiversity, and recreational opportunities. It faces environmental challenges, yet efforts by communities and organizations, such as Friends of the Eel River, aim to restore and protect its vibrant ecosystem for future generations.

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Eel River Fishing

Current News

Friends of the Eel River’s pivotal role in covering and addressing news items that impact the Eel River, including organizing cleanup events, advocating for public access, and engaging in environmental regulation efforts, is crucial for the preservation and restoration of the river’s ecosystem and community engagement. Their work ensures the health and accessibility of the river for future generations.

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Eel River Dam

Core Programs

Friends of the Eel River’s commitment to decommissioning PG&E’s Potter Valley Project, advocating for the Great Redwood Trail, and ensuring sustainable land use, including effective cannabis regulation, is vital for restoring salmon habitat across 250 miles and safeguarding the Eel River ecosystem.

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Eel River Animated Map

The Wild & Scenic Eel River

The Eel River watershed drains 3,684 square miles of California’s rugged North Coast eco-region. This magnificent river system includes not only the south, middle, north, and main stem forks of the Eel but also the Van Duzen River. The Eel River has both State (1972) and Federal (1981) Wild and Scenic River designations, which protect more than 350 miles of its waterways from additional damming and ensure that environmental concerns rank at least equally with development and industry.

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Eel River Bend

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